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I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once

but I’m here now, so let’s get on with it. . .

Foodie stuff first; I read (or more often than not, scan) quite a few food blog sites, particularly the ‘American Mom’ style ones which rather than actually inspiring me to make the food just make me feel inadequate in the food that I do actually produce but there have been a couple of gems from them, two of which has made my recipe book (Number 16) so they’re not all bad really!  One was Cherry Banana Muffins with Crunchy Tops and the other is a great base muffin recipe which I’ve tried with a variety of flavours and it works brilliantly, the best being Blueberry and Lemon, they were delicious!  I bought some measuring cups so I could get the quantities right and they’ve been a great buy, makes baking muffins so much quicker without having to get the scales out, I highly recommend them to anyone who likes baking muffins, or any american recipes really.  I also made a fish pie, which was really nice, but I have to confess that it was a bit of a faff to make (yes, I made it from scratch, white sauce roux and everything!) so it’s not something I’ll be making regularly I have to admit and given that we recently had an incident with a pretty impressive salmon bone and the 6 year old which resulted in a trip to hospital to have it removed fish isn’t currently featuring high on the family menu anyway.  There’s another new recipe on the horizon for Chilli Bean Bake with Soured Cream Mash which I’m looking forward to making (here’s hoping the kids like it) but for now Number 16 stands at 15/20 and Number 12 at 26/34.

We’ve had lots of lettuce from the garden already, and there’s more still out there, we’ve also had a few strawberries, the herbs are doing ok (although my lemon balm, taken from a cutting) is taking some establishing, which is frustrating me, it was going so well then all of a sudden it just wilted and died except for one stalk, but I’m looking after it!  We’ve got some tomatoes on the go, and a few other veggies in the ground so Number 5 is still alive and well.  The only real failure I’ve had, 2 years in a row is the broccoli, it seems to seed and flower before the heads are formed enough to harvest, which is really annoying, so I don’t think we’ll even bother with it next year.  Oh, I’ve got some Chilli plants on the go too, which are looking good.

Final foodie thing, I’ve made a couple of batches of Jam from the PYO fruit and I’m also planning to make Apple Chilli Chutney towards Number 15, which I know isn’t technically Jam but still made from PYO, so definitely counts!

I bought mixed Roses in June that Adam helped me chose but July was another gift, a gorgeous bunch of Gerberas from my lovely friend, Rebecca so the Number 6 is all good.

I need to do some work on Number 9, or more precisely get Matt to work on it; there are a few loose bricks and slabs on the paths which aren’t very child friendly in our garden.  We have got the play house, which isn’t as well used as I hoped/thought it might be but it’s not completely ignored thankfully and I did have the trampoline net fixed which was worth every penny, the boys are really enjoying using it again, even if they do wind each other up when they’re on it together!

Magna and Blue Planet Aquarium are looking to feature on the summer holiday plan, so I might get Numbers 23 and 24 completed before the end of August, hopefully.  If not both then definitely one, I know my mum wants to do the Magna trip with us, so we might hold that back until she’s here next summer when Adam will probably appreciate it a bit more, being that bit older.

I’m not sure how realistic Number 31 is anymore; 13 of the 18 will all be together next weekend but the other 5 have somewhat dropped off the radar, so I may look to amend the number and class it as completed, but I’ll talk to the others and see what they think, they have slightly more contact with them than I do, watch this space for this one.

Liz and I have another get-together planned for 4th August, so Number 35 is definitely achievable; looking forward to seeing her again.

Just aside from the updates for a moment, going through this list is scaring me a little bit, in just how many tasks there are still to start, let alone complete, I really am going to have to get on with things like watching the rest of Die Hard, starting the Indie series, having a game night and doing Wii Fit . . . sleep is for wimps isn’t it?!

I managed to build a working relationship with my allocated Teacher at school in this last year and because they change the teachers around from year to year the one I’ll be working with in the coming year is the one I had last year, so there’s at least some hope for Number 78.

I still have some baby stuff to sell (Number 93), most of the clothes have gone to a good home but there is the baby play centre and larger baby toys which need to go, plus there’ll be the cot before the year’s out I suspect too.  I think I need to find an NCT sale for the rest of the stuff really, not as much money but I am really struggling to find the time to sell it online independently.

And finally, the books . .  I have gone through quite a few since my last update and quite a few have been by the same author (how did I not discover James Patterson before?!); so since my last book update for Number 74 I’ve gone through 9 books! See the book list if you’re interested in the actual books.

Another update before the end of the month, but just a small one, maybe having watched a movie or something!

Night all x

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